Monday, December 19, 2016

Roasting holiday meats: Can I cook my holiday meats at temperatures less than 250 °F? Can I use an oven bag for roasting my turkey?

During the holidays, people tend to spend more money for specialty meats and roasting is a recommended method for cooking tender meats that will make a lasting impression on your guests. To keep the meat tender and minimize shrinkage due to the evaporation of moisture, an oven temperature of 325 °F should be used. It is not recommended to cook meat and poultry at oven temperatures lower than 325 °F because these foods could remain in the "Danger Zone" (temperatures of 40 to 140 °F) too long and allow bacteria to multiply rapidly and cause foodborne illness.

Turkey Roasting Chart Using Oven Bags


8-12 lb. turkey

1½ to 2 hours

12-16 lb. turkey

2 to 2½ hours

16-20 lb. turkey

2½ to 3 hours

20-24 lb. turkey

3 to 3½ hours

 When using an oven bag for your turkey, refer to the directions on the package for the manufacturer’s recommended cooking times. For whole, unstuffed turkeys in oven cooking bags, cook at 350 °F for the following approximate times. Add 30 minutes to the
times if you are stuffing the turkey.

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